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How to become a GOAT dentist...

“Internal power and confidence are born of insight and proficiency…”

~Will Smith

A fantastic and inspiring read!

“When you understand something, and you’re good at something – you feel strong and it makes you feel like you have something to offer. When you have adequately cultivate your unique fit and skills – and are excited about approaching and interacting with the world……”

Every morning, I wake and thank God for this life. The blessing of waking up with this beautiful woman beside me, the children we have, our grandchildren.

For you.

The many incredibly talented people I have met over the years that have shown and taught me skills. Thousands of team members that have a special something they bring to the family, where they work together to accomplish what may seem to others to come so easy and naturally – bringing smiles to hundreds of thousands of faces over the years.

When people ask me what I do – “I sell cotton rolls”.

The same way you may tell them you are a dentist, assistant, therapist, hygienist…..salesman.

Most people just nod as they really didn’t want to know much more – just curious where they might fit into your life and what common ground you may have to open a discussion. Maybe you went to school to become a “whatever you are”….but where you go with that profession will never be the same after school.

You get educated to learn the basic skills, along with many other sheep sitting right beside you. One of the reasons I always HATED school, or maybe one of the reasons the teachers always HATED me! I always challenged the teachers about what skills we were really learning – especially those that were based on 20 year old text books! It’s probably one of the reasons that my management NEVER wants to reach out to me and ask my opinion.

My personality can be difficult for managers who tell me they read books like - “Surrounded by Idiots”

Thanks boss for reminding me of the difficulty of managing me, but can I remind you of quotes from the book….

“It takes a strong mind to move things forward, someone who understands that risks that are part of everyday life and that everything boils down to hard work from morning to night—“


“But the most important lesson that you can walk away with is that the idiots who surround you are, in fact, not idiots at all…”

Since the day I was born, challenging the norm has always been a thing that has kept life interesting. It works really well for the GOAT dental practices too!

All those AMAZING people that I thank God for every morning – you – have shown me that the PEOPLE who become most successful (ie: happy) in life are the GOAT at what they do…..being themselves! It’s the most important skill anyone can learn. If you are a young dental professional and ask me what the key take away from 38 years in this business have shown me about success in dentistry…..

Be the best YOU that you can be, and DO NOT compare yourself to others.

For me, that means when Schein bosses send out “contests” to see who can be number one at whatever task THEY think is important it’s mostly ignored by me. The only time these have relevance to me is not to show anyone else how important I am (and I am not important), its only relevant if there is an absolute benefit to those I actually serve. The WIN for this contest of life comes from watching as the treatment plan I would provide to my own mother and daughters comes to fruition and success is inevitable. It’s a good feeling to see a patient accept a treatment plan, and come back to smile! Then tell others, which helps you to become even better at what you do!

In the Book “WILL – by Mark Manson” – Will Smith discusses how he became the famous Hip Hop artist and Actor. I sincerely believe that many people have the skills to become the GOAT versions of themselves….and for EVERY ONE of these people that become GOAT it takes a ton of humility. Being able to fail, and not care what others think is the ultimate way to become the GOAT you. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, and honestly look forward to criticism (which comes mostly from people who have their own self hate and confidence issues) in order to become the GOAT.

Most of the GOAT people that I know, you don’t know. They are quiet, modest and run their lives according to their own rules. If you were to judge them based only on “how much they sell” – they might not qualify in YOUR version of success. They may not have the huge home, fancy car, and millions of dollars of gross revenue….but they wake up every day feeling blessed for the skills they do possess. The skills that is appreciate by the only people who really matter. The people in their tribe. A tribe full of GOATs.

In our world of dentistry, I am fortunate enough to meet some incredible talented assistants who TEACH dentists how to do better dentistry. Not drilling and filling – but chairside manners. Efficiency. People skills. These GOAT dental assistant who often are never thanked. I have met hygienists who have huge followings of patients who trust the preventive care and education they offer. Managers who can increase production in a practice by 50% with efficient scheduling and training.

And Dentists.

What an amazing opportunity you have after going to school to learn the skills that tens of thousands of other graduating dentists have learned. After school you now have every opportunity to become the GOAT!!

Becoming the GOAT dentist means expanding your skills and becoming the best version of you at what you like to do. Maybe you DO NOT like to do certain things, but you are the personality that WANTS to be the best and will work hard and continue to learn HOW to do that skill well.

The successful dental practices, dental consultants – that I have met that LOVE life and are genuine GOAT people all have learned that power and confidence are born of insight and proficiency….

This means constant improvement. Constant learning. Humility and acceptance that failures are inevitable, and valuable. These GOAT people understand that they are VERY GOOD at “endo”, “surgery”, “restorative”, “marketing”, “business”, “people skills”…..whatever it is they are on the path to GOAT – a quest that never ends.

They are also NEVER involved at comparing themselves to the other “salesman”. Who cares where they finish on the list – maybe they don’t do $10,000 a day of dentistry. Some of these GOAT dentists may not ever even own their own practice – it doesn’t prove their skill at what they are the greatest at! Many of these GOAT friends of mine simply are great because they can take off Fridays and enjoy a life that they have always wanted with their families. Some of the GOATs are so skilled they can teach others. Some run podcasts, and can inspire others by discussing their skills. Many of us simply enjoy listening to these people in our car and being the inspired.

Here is the point and the simple take away.

Become the GOAT you. Not someone else.

Stop comparing.

Wake up and count your blessings for how skilled you are, and the ability to wake up every day and learn even more.

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