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Just Salt + Water + Electricity = Hypochlorous! Natures Miracle Non Toxic Disinfectant!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The Egret EO Blaster is just Salt, tap water and patented process to create 99.95% Non Toxic yet highly effective disinfectant in a 10 micron portable sprayer!

Electrolyzed water has been available and is well researched!  The benefits of Neutral Electrolyzed Water, otherwise known as Hypochlorous Acid are many!  

A simple google search will result in several dozen studies showing all the many applications...Wound care, Natures own Powerful non toxic is used in hospitals, veterinarian medicine, agriculture industries, powerful enough to be used to kill virus and a wide range of fungus and bacteria quickly - yet safe and non toxic for humans!

 My personal background is 36 years in the dental industry - this is how I discovered HYPOCHLOROUS ACID!  Several years ago, my partner and myself were in discussions with a Swedish Manufacturer of Hypochlorous generators.  

We were can just water, salt and a special process create a completely non toxic disinfectant, sterilizing solution that human beings would have no ill effect?  My first thought was to use this as a generator in a dental office.  There was a good study showing how Hypochlorous Acid can eliminate Biofilm in DUWL.  This is an issue in dentistry, and it's expensive and tedious to use iodine based filters, and tablets for daily waterline biofilm removal.  

This seemed like a fantastic idea!  Not only did science prove this product was extremely effective, there were so many other benefits! The only problem?  The price of these industrial machines to create the product!!

Then in 2019 we discovered that the process had been "miniaturized"!  The Egret EO Blaster launched on kickstarter.  Version 1 was heavy and clunky - but it answered TWO major issues!  It easily and quickly created an almost perfect version of HOCL with a PH in the 7.0 range and 100-200+PPM of CL.  It ALSO created a miniaturized blast of 10 micron mist....

Studies are showing that these fine mists can be lightly sprayed and left to dry.  This non toxic formula is quickly effective at killing a broad range of nasty bugs, while also performing VERY WELL as a cleaning solution, deodorizer.  

The Egret EO blaster checked all the boxes!  Not only would it be able to create hypochlorous acid in the 100-200PPM range at a neutral PH - it could also be used to "blast" the fine mist that studies show are so effective.

So we signed an exclusive agreement to distribute the product in Canada!  

Version 2 Egret EO Blaster was created and is now the product we are now distributing. 

What else can you use Egret EO blaster for?

Pet toys, Pet bedding, Cutting boards, tile and grout mould, bathroom smell, water container decontamination (think of pet dishes), stinky rags from the sink, make ice to store your fresh fish and meat while travelling, use it in Schools, on desks, lunch boxes, play grounds, gymnasiums, fitness center, yoga studieos, chiropractors, veterinarians, hair dressing, nail salons, tanning beds, toothbrushes, mask disinfection, clothing disinfection and cleaning, bedding, cuts and wounds, mosquito bites, for travel, airplanes, hotels, restaurants, baby strollers, car sears, sports gear, hockey equipment, hockey dressing rooms, makeup brushes, skin conditions, athletes foot, wound, cuts, scrapes, back packs, thermos, yoga mat, cut flowers extends the life, camping gear, diaper bags, front load washer, sponges, get rid of garlic smell, humidifiers (check manufacturer instructions first).....


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