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Sometimes it's good to be bad

I hate when I think I am buying organic vegetables only to discover when I get home they are just regular donuts….”

She busted her ass again!

This woman works 12 hour days as a paramedic. Keeps our home spotless. Makes healthy and delicious meals. On the days she isn’t working, she is taking classes to become an Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach! This alone is an intensive, one year course. She is already working with and meeting with volunteer clients. Running two interactive Facebook forums with large followings.

In between that she runs to Costco, bulk food warehouse, Dollarama – all to build about 100 gift baskets for almost 700 people with home baking. This year, to honor BEhealthycoaching the baskets feature 80% fruit to go along with the 20% treats…..

Having fun….

I’ve always been a bit of a rule breaker. A bad boy, but in a good way.

Several years ago at our national meeting the crowd went so quiet as our CEO took the stage you could hear a mouse fart. For some reason I thought this was the appropriate time to test the “silence your phones” and I staged a massive series of group text messages….surprisingly the majority of people in the crowd were also “rule breakers” who had NOT SILENCED their phones!! BAD!! CAUGHT!!

It didn’t seem to faze the CEO, but there was a lot of head turning for a couple minutes as phones dinged, buzzed and creaked…

On another bad boy note….

Society has deemed certain times are appropriate for gift giving. Christmas, birthdays, named holidays. As a guy that subscribes to a different thinking pattern….”think outside the box, collapse that box, then take a f****g knife to such box…..” societies prescription for gift giving has never worked well for me.

My hamster brain just forgets (or does it?). More importantly, I simply can’t wait to show my appreciation! The ways to show it aren’t always with gift giving! Instead of just buying a gift, I try to show appreciation by doing the un-expected. Going a little further. Giving a little more.

So you get a basket with “seasons greetings” on all hallows eve….so what?

The right treatment plan

My mom is my hero.

She has done quite well for herself in life. Whenever someone says that they seem to think “rich”. But what exactly is “rich?”.

Steve Jobs said “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me…”

On my down days, I wonder what I am doing that is so life changing? I get paid to sell cotton rolls, and it seems like everyone just wants cheaper cotton rolls. It doesn’t make a person feel valuable to be known as the cheapest cotton roll salesman. Who wants to be known as the cheapest provider of dentistry? The Cheapest Dental Assistant?

Some days are a challenge as you face those patients that look to you to be that person. With the right attitude, perhaps you can change their mind. Providing instead an excellent experience. Educating that patient on exactly what you have learned, continue to learn, the quality of your services. Secondary is the price – because the most amazing life experiences have nothing to do with price.

It’s all perceived value.

Being able to provide more than a person expected. Educating them on why that experience is worth every penny.

On the good days, you remember all those patients that brought you cookies. Flowers. A thankyou note. Sent their friends and family. “You da boss!!” and that experience rarely comes from cutting corners and doing the minimal amount of work. It never comes from over treating, under servicing, thinking only about your overhead and expenses.

Mostly being “da boss” means destroying that box society has tried to put us all in! Recognizing the people in life that are truly outstanding. Sincerity. Integrity. Putting effort into becoming the best you can be without expecting anything in return….

Thanks Mom. I know how you live, and perception of that life may be different than how you really feel inside. Accomplished and rich despite the size of your home and car you drive…..

Strange? Yup

Sure. This is an unusual “DENTAL” blog. What started as a salesmans effort to teach his customers the value of dental products. To educate his friends on dental materials and equipment is murky. Clouded by random thoughts. Success in LIFE means all the talk isn’t always about dentistry.

Why do you do it? Someone else already created the perfect tooth. We are just here to fix it when someone is being “bad” and not following the rules of brushing and flossing…..

Have a great weekend,

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