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The Blame Game

“A poor workman blames his tools….”


My Grandson Kace devouring a bottle

Super-ambitious, or super crazy?

Work-a-haulic, or lifestyle entrepreneur?

Overnight email and texts. I have learned (mostly) not to touch my phone for the first 20 minutes when I wake up, as my little heart can’t take the sudden reality jolt. Texts, emails, What’s App, Facebook Messenger, Instragram, Linked in – all on the list of “need to check”, adding intangible adrenaline that shoots the blood pressure higher than the first two cups of coffee!!

As I disseminate and triage, caffeinated stimulants only enhance the catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla….the mornings are the most inspired moments of the day! See all the big words I googled?? BRAIN ON FIRE!!

Inspiration for these blogs come from daily observations. Often they are written as a form of therapy. Instead of screaming, yelling and punching stupid people, I write. When someone shares a profound thought, instead of kissing or hugging them, I write. I’m Inspired by falling down, Feeling stupid. I’m inspired being surrounded by people much better than myself. This brain full of ideas needs to unleash them in some format that could possibly be stored until the end of kingdom come.

Nobody to blame but myself….

The blame game

The place you work doesn’t give you what you need to be efficient, or to compete.

There aren’t enough patients. They don’t give you enough customers.

It’s too competitive in your market.

Too many dentist’s. Too many reps. Too many others that sell what you sell or do what you do.

The people you employ don’t perform as well as they should for what they get paid.

The lab you send to always gets the case wrong.

The customer/patient is never happy.

The market is driving down fees.

Patients/Customers/staff/bosses don’t appreciate you.

Overhead is out of control.

The fee guide/prices need to be fixed!!

Some dumb consultant told you – “just charge more, then you will make more money”.

They said “Just buy this machine, that will bring in more patients and huge cash flow!”

…then they disappeared.

They can solve your problem, it’s that easy! Pffft…..

You hear about mythical denta-gods killing it. You doubt it. They are lying. Or lucky. They won a lottery in life, and were given circumstances and opportunities you didn’t get.

People gossip about them. They must be compromising ethics. Cutting corners. Cheating. There is no way they can perform at that level!

They probably live in a bigger city with more opportunity. Or have less competition because they live in a rural area. They probably have more wealthy patients that accept the treatment plans, or have higher end dental clinics…or they live in an area with excellent benefit plans and no other dentists around…or reps around. They lack the same competition and issues you have.

They just work, work, work. Definitely don’t want that lifestyle! They likely have a miserable life and a pile of money. Or no money because it all goes to paying for all those fancy cars and equipment and overpaid staff….


How can that be?

It’s all the blame game!!

We have opportunity to change.

Consider the people in this world with prodigious handicaps, impediments, hindrances, obstacles, barriers. Political boundaries. Lack of freedoms.

Call it what you will - there are people EVERY SINGLE DAY who could easily start blaming others for everything that has gone wrong.

A guy that grew up in a “poor” single mom household. Moved 15 times before grade 12. Paid their own way, contributing to the household money as soon as they could start working. Moved out of the home at 16 and still graduated self sufficiently. Had kids too young. Divorced. Lost a home and had to rent again. Opened a business. Divorced and split everything, again. Saved themselves from near bankruptcy. Start all over with money several times. So broke at times he couldn’t buy a piece of cake to eat, struggled to pay rent, fix a broken car to get to work….

Instead of blame, this is all just a test of fortitude. Perseverance. It’s nothing compared to what others have to go through.

We live in a country that is free. That rewards those who persevere and keep trying to improve their lot in life.

Quit blaming….government, location, your employer, the economy, the insurance companies, the competition, the customer…..

Success takes time. Lots of time. Like a really lot of time. Oops – starting to blame things again.

The only blame for not getting ahead is yourself.

It’s not the competitions fault for wanting to get a piece of the dream. Maybe you are the one who carved out the path and now they will follow you? Instead of blaming them, looking backwards, just keep stomping forward. Do the impossible, carve a path up a more difficult path where you can rest for a while. Focus on your own skills. Be niche. Find your calling! I KNOW you are genius with great hands, a good attitude, persevering….whatchya gonna do with it?

There are lots of “circumstances” you can blame…..but will it fix the problem?

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