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Breaking all records using technology

"I have to chase down the most scientifically efficient way to get the golf ball in the hole."

Do golfers really want to be like Bryson?

If you watch golf you have been watching an amazing transformation of this pro golfer....

What did Bryson do to rocket himself to the top 10% of professional golfers on tour?

Constant improvement and technology....skill combined with the latest technology!

of Ethiopia ran a half-marathon in the United Arab Emirates in 1:04:31 on Friday, besting the previous mark by 20 seconds.

Some people just want to say that its all about the technology. Look at how popular the Nike Vaporfly became after one record was set....all of a sudden everyone is looking at this technology and more records start to fall!

Do you think Ababel or Bryson simply walked into a store and picked out the latest technology and started to win?


This isn't how life works!

In the book Atomic Habits, James Clear discusses how the cycling teams combined technology and skill. This little bit of tech and constant work - ATOMIC HABITS - THIS is what sets records!!

I call it TIMEfactors.

As a consultant, my job is to help the practices I work with to EXCEL! As an evaluator, I have been involved in hundreds of appraisals over the years. As a dental rep, it's my job to help introduce those who trust me to bring them only the products and techniques that will empower their practice!

When Covid hit, I wrote several blogs...

We are all facing down this horrible pandemic. There are stories every day of business closing, and we fear another shut down. Other businesses are thriving. always...stays steady.

Dental practices are BUILT by entrepreneurs! They face challenges and competition every day that drives innovation. If you want to be a dental professional - it's mandatory to continually improve. It's called CE. If you are on top of your game #dentistswillnevershutagain!

But are you really paying attention, or doodling in the corner. Finding the easiest courses you can take just to keep your licence?

In all my years I have watched so many young entrepreneurs open their practices from scratch. Go back to school to improve their skills and abilities. Continue to grow and expand their business. Invest and buy technology and CE for themselves and their teams.

A little bit at a time, but this constant improvement leads to ATOMIC DENTAL HABITS. Small improvements and identifying those things that make you just a little bit better can drive your business and get you to new levels.

Go be like Bryson and learn the science of Atomic Dental Habits...the TIMEfactors. The accumulation of little pieces of time that will help you to fly as if you are wearing the Nike Vaporfly.

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