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I quit!! How to know when it's right.

"Losers quit when they fail, Winners fail until they succeed.

Quitting is not failing if you are simply quitting whatever is holding you back."

Ever feel like giving up? Entrepreneurs know when it's time to "shift" effort.

Just looking at today's schedule makes you shudder....

"THAT" patient is coming in to see you. The one you remember so fondly coming to see you the first time. They have become a nightmare.

Why do you put up with the patient who is never satisfied, always complains. Has unrealistic expectations and mis-treats both you and your team?

It may be time to quit.

Ain't no sunshine....

They seemed so perfect...

The applicant had colossal experience. Too good to be true....

Sure, they wanted a lot of money - but look at that background! Top of the class. Leader of everything they have done. Worked for so many top quality clinics....

No reason to call and check references - people only put references that will cast them as beautiful morning sunshine anyways, right? Besides, right now any warm body will do.

Then they start. It's a little tense with the team. The charming and confident personality doesn't go over so well with the the charm and confidence turns into egotistical arrogance....

You can't afford to live without the warm body and help. They are pretty good...but you HATE going to work. Maybe its the reverse.

Maybe it's the job you took, and the people you interviewed with and told you this was the most incredible place and people to work for suck. You can't STAND to get out of bed to go to work.

Another stress day.

The horrible boss

You brought your wealth of experience to the table. Full of ambition, and all the best intentions.

It all gets taken for granted.

No matter what you do, it's never recognized or good enough. Despite the smiles, it's all fake. There is no sincerity in the "have a nice day", or "good job" (if you ever hear it!).

There is no raise. No bonus. Any increase barely keeps up with inflation. The patients you are given as an associate are rarely the same as the ones you saw for exam.

No relationships are ever formed - and that's the way they try to keep it.

You work overtime, don't get paid for lunch. Have an insane restrictive contract. You hate the people you work with.

You want to perform the type of dentistry you have always dreamed of. You take weekends to go learn new techniques - but you can't get the equipment or supplies to implement these techniques.

Someone else controls your destiny.

Are you any of these bad people yourself? I have been that person. Sometimes in a relationship, you realize you are simply not the right person for that job, or for that person. "It's not you, it's me!"

It's ok to quit.

Quitting can mean opportunity, but do you have what it takes?


You may (or may not) know my life story. I have started over several times.

I have quit people and situations that kept me up at night. Truly, we have all done this. It can be painful - but how often do you ever look back and regret changing those people and situations?

The failure, and the lessons learned help prevent us from doing it a second time.

But does it stop you from ever taking a chance again?

My biggest regret is also that I QUIT TOO SOON! There are situations that I should have given more effort. This is a trait I recognize in myself, it's a fault. It keeps me safe. It also costs me opportunity to make more of life! It keeps me in situations and with people that I'm afraid to lose - even sometimes at the risk of my health, or from realizing my full potential.

Don't let those people stop you from making wise decisions. Don't let friends stop you from doing what you know you are capable of. Find those people that lift you up and encourage you to be everything you can be!! The ones who give you a hand when you are down and pick you up. Those that come from behind and help push you. They drive you to be everything you can.

Those people exist in life. You need to believe and find them.

Go ahead and quit that difficult patient. A better one is waiting to fill that chair.

Go ahead and quit that employee. The freedom you allow them will help you both get further ahead in life.

Go ahead and quit that position. With your skill and ability, you will land on your feet and be much happier.

Life is all about risk. We need to get out and make the most of it.

Go make lemonade.

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